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Advertisers, sponsors and program hosts on 890 GGN benefit from our long history and affinity with the community. The African-American population in Kansas City is almost 600,000 strong and 89% of them agree with the statement, “Religion is a key source of comfort in my life”.

Our loyal listeners respond positively to good advertising on their favorite radio station. Sponsors of features such as Traffic and Weather Together reap the benefits of a healthy ROI while, at the same time, bless our listeners with the vital information they need to get safely to work and back home again. Sponsorship is also available for our famous Church 411, The Pastor of the Month, and other 890 GGN features.

You may, perhaps, have interest in doing your own radio program on 890 GGN. If so, we have the facilities and personnel to make that become a reality for you. Your program could be all about your expertise in your field, such as legal, automotive, medical, or financial. It doesn’t have to be a ministry. (Although we do admit to having a soft spot in our heart for preachers).

To get your word out on 890 GGN, Please call (816) 333-0092 to inquire about advertising, sponsorship, and/or your own program.