Ah’Lee Robinson

“Music To Live By” With Bro Ah Lee

Sunday: 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Facebook: Ah’Lee Robinson

Ah’Lee Robinson has been with the station since the station arrived in Kansas City 13 years ago. A funny story is that Ah’Lee was asked to serve as the “Sunday Announcer” on the first day of the station opening 13 years ago until someone is hired. The rest is history and a good one it has been. Ah’Lee can be heard on Sundays from 2PM until and provides “Evening Worship” which includes songs of worship for the listeners in the evening. Ah’Lee also serves as the Office Manager during the week and provides great support for his fellow announcers and others. His passion for music and is his knowledge of the industry makes him a valuable asset to the station. He brings a wealth of talent and experience from the two other stations in the area and understands that once that mic is open, it gives him the largest church in the area.

Ah’Lee is very connected to the community as he serves as the Artistic Director of the Kansas City Boys Choir and the Kansas City Girls Choir. His favorite Scripture is: St. John 10:10.

Motto: It’s not so much my ability, but it’s my availability

Ah’Lee is a musician in the city and supports many local and national artists and encourages them to trust God to open doors for ministry. He has a great listening family on Sundays who enjoy the music ministry that he prepares for the body of Christ.

Tune in to listen to his ministry each Sunday from 2PM – 6PM, be prepared to be blessed by local and national artistry, call-ins and request. We also talk about what’s happening in the city during this time. Invite us to your afternoon or evening worship.