About Us

890 GGN – God’s Good News

We wanted to create a simple, easy-to-remember, way to describe our wonderfully unique radio station, KGGN-AM 890. As we talked about it, the word “Gospel” kept coming up. Well, our AM frequency is 890 . . . “Gospel” is usually translated as “Good News” …and that’s how we became 890 GGN – God’s Good News. We hope you love our awesome radio station as much as we do!

There is no other station in the Kansas City market quite like 890 GGN. During morning and afternoon drive-times you will hear the very best urban contemporary Gospel music. Your morning commute is truly blessed.

The middle of the day is set apart for ministries, both local and national. Virtually every major urban ministry in the Kansas City market is represented here. Some of those marvelous ministries have been broadcasting on 890 GGN continuously ever since the station first came on the air more than 15 years ago.

Our broadcast signal is large, reaching far beyond Kansas City, with many listeners and clients more than an hour’s drive away from our studio in the heart of the city. 890 GGN is much more than preachin’, teachin’, and praisin’ His holy name. We are “the heart and soul of the city”, with community involvement, love, sharing and caring.


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